Welsh Mountain Lamb

Nestled in the Cambrian Mountains just a short drive outside of Aberystwyth, lies Moelgolomen farm. The organic 750 acre holding is home to Rhodri Lloyd-Williams, his wife Sarah and their three children - seven-year old Elen, four-year old Ariana and two-year old Cai - as well as 800 Welsh Mountain ewes and 25 Welsh Black suckler cows.

At Moelgolomen they do things a little differently. “We don’t stop at producing top quality meat on our beautiful farm – we sell it direct to our customers”. Over the last few years Rhodri and Sarah have been busy developing their lamb box scheme idea, primarily in a bid to diversify but also to offer the community the chance to reduce food miles and purchase their meat direct from the farm with complete traceability. Lambs are butchered just down the road by Will Lloyd Williams before being delivered direct to their customers both locally and via their next day courier service to all parts of the UK.

“We’ve always kept a few of our lambs for ourselves and over the years we started doing a few more for family, and then for friends and then for friends of friends until before long we had orders coming in from everywhere, which is why we decided to set up welshmountainlamb.com to make it easier for people to order and for customers to see where their lamb is coming from,” said Rhodri.
“We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable approach to agriculture and have farmed organically since 1999. We have always looked to farm in a sustainable way, creating not only an area where livestock can thrive but also one that is sympathetic to the environment,” Rhodri said.

The family have also installed a hydro-scheme and solar PV so that most of their electrical needs are generated on farm. The rest is imported from a green energy company so the entire farm is now powered by renewable sources.
The farmhouse lies at 600 feet above sea level with the tops of the hills stretching up to 1500 feet on the fell, allowing the stock a large area to roam and a great variety of grasses, clovers and herbs which helps create the distinctive taste of the Welsh Mountain lamb.

Boxed lambs are sold as either a half or whole lamb. To order people can visit www.welshmountainlamb.com or simply contact Rhodri either via the Moelgolomen Farm Facebook page or email info@ welshmountainlamb.com.
Rhodri added, “We’ve also started selling through our local cooperative shop at Cletwr Café in Tre’r Ddol as well as providing local restaurants such as Matt’s Deli in Bow Street.”
“It’s been a fantastic experience for us getting to know our customers and I think people have enjoyed having a relationship with where their food comes from and how it has been treated before it reaches them. And brilliantly because we sell direct we are able to charge less per kilo than the supermarkets so it’s a win-win for everyone!”