Travel Advice from your local Latin America specialist!

We are well into the holiday season and here at the EGO®, we’ve been thinking about different ways of travelling. There’s so many options out there that we decided to get some advice from one of Wales’s top travel companies, Tango Tours, a specialist in Latin American Tours. We asked them the questions you’ve been burning to find out the answers to so that you can book like a pro next time you travel! See below to get the answers you’ve always wanted to ask, but never had the time to find out!

Firstly, why would you use a travel company or tour operator when the internet has so many options?

Using an expert in a particular location ensures that you get the most out of a destination, allowing you to really experience the heart of the places you want to go. Here at Tango Tours we carefully research the must-see attractions as well as some of those ‘off-the-beaten-track’ hidden gems before compiling a final programme and our itineraries are put together by both our expert team in the UK and our partners Latin America- who know all there is to know about their part of the world!
People love the ease, security and knowledge that a pre-arranged tour has. Once you are happy with an itinerary, everything is then finalised and booked and all that’s left to do is pack your bags!

Our group tours are also fully guided, meaning an expert local guide will be with you every step of the way to ensure everything runs smoothly, give you some extra insight into the country and let you into some local secrets that are not in the guidebooks.

I’m not sure how I feel about travelling with other people – how much time will I have to spend with them?

This is such a common concern, but an unnecessary one! This is your holiday and any good tour operator will ensure you get time to yourself as well as being part of a group. At Tango Tours we always ensure our group tours allow for a lot of freedom and flexibility to let our travellers explore at their own pace! However, many people love the sense of community you get on a group tour – and come away with lifelong friends!

In the run up to the departure of the tour, we give our travellers the option of sharing their details with other members of the group and you should always ask your chosen travel partner if they do the same! After all, this is the group you will then see the country with - traveling together, experiencing new things and seeing the sights.
At Tango Tours, our groups are never larger than 16, unless you wish to arrange a private one of course, as we feel this is an ideal number for everybody to get to know each other and means getting around together is simple, hassle-free and safe. We have sent numerous group tours all over Latin America, and they have always been a great success. We find people get on famously and real bonds and friendships are made! Reunions are often held back in the UK to catch up and share stories too!

I’ve been thinking about travelling to somewhere but I don’t have anyone to go with. Should I consider going it alone?

Yes – take the plunge! There is nothing worse than regretting not taking a trip, and all those wonderful photographs of you having fun posted on Facebook will ensure you have your pick of people to travel with next time!

Group tours are ideal for solo travellers as the stress of travelling alone in an unknown country can be a bit daunting and our group tours are a great way to experience something different and get the most out of your trip away. You will be travelling with a group of like-minded individuals who are all there to have a good time and see a part of the world they have never seen before.

Won’t it be cheaper to do it myself?

It’s not necessarily cheaper to travel by yourself – sometimes you may think you are getting a great deal and then the costs creep up once you are out there. Our tour itineraries are precisely put together so that you know exactly what you are getting – with no hidden costs!
All reputable tour operators work hard to get the best possible price for our customers - group bookings for attractions, hotels, transport etc. tend to be cheaper than travelling individually, so the price of a group tour is almost always a good deal!
And if group tours aren’t your thing, a tour operator should have great partnerships in place which ensure our individual, tailor-made tours are competitively priced for our customers.

Any final tips?

Remember to always check that any tour operator you use is ATOL bonded to ensure your hard-earned cash is protected and always make sure you get insurance before your travel.


If you want any more information on travelling abroad, why not contact Tango Tours’ friendly team on 01970 631737, pop in to the office on Alexandra Road or email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember they can assist in Welsh as well!